Friday, September 18, 2009

Change, Humus, and Life.

I am proud to say this past year I have changed a lot. I feel as if I have a better understanding of my life and grasp on my future. The experiences I went through to become who I am were not always pleasant and I wish I would have experienced some of them at different times, but dwelling on the past, wont make it change. Instead, I have learned to laugh at myself and really find humor in the stupid situations I brought myself into, thankfully I think things through more now. New experiences used to overwhelm me, but as I have gotten older I have less first times and more last times. Growing up, those first times were so intense that it consumes you and at the time you don't want anything else. I have always wondered if people saved that first moment till they were older, would the feelings fade? Through my life, I have learned change is constant that no matter how permanent something may seem, it isn't. The only constant in life is family and luckily mine is huge. Believing that change is constantly happening has helped me live my life more freely and I am more grateful for every experience.

So... today I was introduced to my new favorite restaurant. Its called Dimassi's off of I-10. It has so many great things. I went there for the humus, at first, but then learned that had pita bread, falafals, and other great things! The gentleman who helped me was very nice and helped me find the things I was looking for! I hope everyone who lives in Houston, gets a chance to try it!! There is also a great trail I went running down today with my dog! She loved it! It's very green and has a awesome view of the woods and lakes surrounding! A great place to get away!


Ughh... then there's work. I have no life because it consumes it.. I also have two test tomorrow in Arabic and Math. Hope everyone has a great week!

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